Super Mariano | Chilean wine importer opens two Shanghai shops

Chilean wine importer Mariano Larrain Hurtado is opening two La Cava de Laoma shops in Shanghai.

Larrain, whose previous Shanghai shop closed earlier this year and who previously had a Beijing outlet, imports brands such as Maquis, Villard and Alta Cima while also carrying labels from other distributors and countries.

Larrain says one of the venues (400 Panyu Road) is close to his original shop, but in a better spot, just downstairs from the Crown Plaza Hotel. This allows him to tap into a local following he has already earned. He also boosted his online and delivery game with a new ordering system that is friendlier and geared more to consumer retail.

The second shop (1156 Kangding Road) is “on the quiet side of a pretty popular area” and much more spacious at 125 square meters.

“I want to use it as a proper showroom, for doing events, and as a wine shop,” he says. “The previous shop was small, and it was hard to do events, but this one is very comfortable.”

Case in point, the grand opening held this weekend included not only a selection of wines but also an art show called “Fold Bend Flex” by Jose Morande.

The shop will sell wine by the bottle. And while there is no kitchen, customers can order in food and essentially make themselves at home.

“Many of the places offering wine in Shanghai are so upscale. The last time I went to a bar during happy hour, a glass of cheap white wine was rmb100, and the normal price was rmb155 — it’s outrageous,” he says.

“Some people really appreciate that you can go to a wine shop, grab a bottle for a decent price, order your own food and feel homey.”

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