Local flavors | Chinese natural wines meet Chinese baijiu cocktails

Call it a tribute to local flavors. Cocktail venue Bar Choice and natural wine bar Weeknd are teaming up tonight for a most unique pairing in Shenzhen.

Bar Choice, the host, will feature four cocktails made with China’s national spirit–baijiu–including this one made Blue Blazer style. The drinks include plenty of twists, from clarified passion fruit juice to chocolate bitters to black truffle to–double take!–cuttlefish roe. See the cocktail menu below. And this video for that fiery cocktail-making in action.

Meanwhile, the team from Weeknd will be bringing four wines made by Xiao Pu aka Petit Garden from the Ningxia region in north-central China. These wines are popping up in many wine shops and bars / restaurants. And Weeknd’s lineup includes two pet-nats (one rose and one red-white blend), a skin contact white and, very special, a yet-to-be-released red wine from the Shangri-la region of Yunnan.

This project is backed by Shenzhen trade fair organizers Wine to Asia. While it sounds like a fair all about wine, the organizers have proven to be flexible and creative in bridging to spirits, cocktails, coffee and other sectors, with this event one of many examples. The event was originally planned for World Baijiu Day on August 9, so if you couldn’t make week, you have a second chance to go local with Bar Choice and Weeknd!

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