Celebrity wines: Lady GaGamay, Syrah Elton John, Shaqteau O’Neal and more

  • Lady GaGamay
  • Syraz Elton John
  • Tiger Woodsbridge
  • Carménère San Diego
  • Chianti Reeves
  • Shaqteau O’Neal

Just a few wine brands with which savvy celebrities might cash in. You can find dozens more listed below — from Riesling Witherspoon to Barbera Streisand.

They come from a contest I held two years ago on sibling blog Beijing Boyce. The grand prize: two tickets to the Hilton Beijing Food and Wine Experience, plus dinner, an overnight stay and breakfast at the hotel. This year, in honor of the fifteenth anniversary of this annual event, look for the winner to get a room upgrade to the presidential suite.

The Hilton Beijing Food and Wine Experience IV will be held on October 27 from 1 PM to 7 PM. The rmb280 entry fee includes either lunch or dinner, plus access to the food stalls and over a thousand wines. Call5865-5125 for info or tickets. I’ll have more on the event and the contest tomorrow. For now, more celebrity wines, including several that are now quite dated and a few with notes (see all of the entries here):

  • Shakiraz
  • Betty White Zinfandel: Aged 88 years in Southern California sun…
  • Robert de Nero D’Avola: “The Godfather” Series
  • Gamay Hendrix
  • Natalie Port(man)
  • A trio of NBA wines: Chateau Lebron, Kobernet Bryant and Carmerlot Anthony
  • Justin Bieberiesling
  • Axel Rosé
  • Syrah Silverman
  • Petit Syrah Palin: Motes of smoked salmon and grizzly droppings…
  • Malbec Gibson: Delicious in its early years but has not cellared well.
  • Vanilla Ice Wine
  • Billy Joel’s Piano Grigio
  • Chuck Noiris: A nice round house kick to the face.
  • Margaux Kidder
  • Leonardo di Cabernet: Matures extremely well
  • Sangiovese Bullock: Popular choice for a girls nite
  • Mariah Sherry
  • Chianti Reeves
  • Riesling Witherspoon: Blond and loving it
  • Shiraz Stone: … will fulfill your basic instincts…
  • Humphery Bogart’s Sauvignon Casablanc(a)
  • Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rieslings
  • Harrison Ford’s The Empire Strikes Barolock, with Carignan Fisher and…
Grand Cru-bacca: A perfect opportunity to use descriptions like “chewy” and “animal smell”. (calfinder.com)

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