Grape Wall Challenge 2011: Call For Wine

Call for Wine

Grape Wall of China Challenge 2011

November 8, Modo, Beijing


The third annual Grape Wall of China Challenge will be held at restaurant Modo in Beijing on November 8. This post is a call for interested distributors to submit wines.

The goal of the challenge, or GWC, is to find good inexpensive wines as decided by Chinese consumers. This year, the winning wines will go in Modo’s enomatic machines.

(See here for more information on why we hold the GWC.)

Distributors may submit a maximum of two white and two red wines. Each wine must have a regular retail price of less than RMB100 and be made with a different grape or blend of grapes (for example, only one Cabernet Sauvignon). Distributors may submit a maximum of two wines from one country. We hope these rules encourage more grape varieties and nations of origin in the GWC.

To put the rules another away:

  • If you submit 1 wine, you have the options of a) 1 red or b) 1 white, from 1 country.
  • If you submit 2 wines, you have the options of a) 2 red, b) 2 white or c) 1 red and 1 white, from either 1 or 2 countries.
  • If you submit 3 wines, you have the option of a) 2 red and 1 whites or b) 2 white and 1 reds, from either 2 or 3 countries.
  • If you submit 4 wines, you must enter 2 reds and 2 whites, from either 3 or 4 countries.

We ask interested distributors to submit a list of wines, including the retail price of each and where it may be bought, to Nicolas Carre ( and Jim Boyce ( by October 28. Distributors must provide two bottles of each wine entered. We ask that these be shipped to us by November 4. There is no entry fee. Finally, we reserve the right to exclude any wine, whether it is due to an inability to confirm price or other reasons.

For more information on past Grape Wall of China Challenges, click here for the 2009 event and here for the 2010 event.

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