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Grape Wall Challenge: Best red wines in China under rmb100

March 9, 2015 // 0 Comments

Call it a tribute to consumer power. Every year, we organize a nonprofit event called Grape Wall Challenge (GWC) and ask Chinese consumers to judge wines that retail for under rmb100. We held the sixth annual Grape Wall Challenge in mid-December at Temple Restaurant Beijing, which kindly provided event space and food. Professor Ma Huiqin of China Agricultural University discussed the wines with the judges after the tasting. Here are a few common questions about GWC, followed by a list of the winners: What is the purpose of GWC? There are two key goals. First, we want to find the best inexpensive wines as decided by consumers. The […]

Grape Wall Challenge 2012: Summergate, ASC, MQ top wine challenge in China

December 21, 2012 // 1 Comment

~ By Jim Boyce (Note: Sorry for the delay. This blog went offline several days for — to me — unknown reasons and now is back for — to me — unknown reasons. The mysteries of life.) These are wines with the highest scores in the Grape Wall Challenge 2012. The judges were Chinese consumers who are casual wine drinkers. They tasted 40 wines — 20 red and 20 white — that retail for under rmb100 per bottle and ranked each as “love it“, “like it“, “don’t like it” or “hate it“. Grape Wall contributor Nicolas Carre and I separately compiled […]

From cork to screw cap: Three wine closure anecdotes from China

December 14, 2012 // 1 Comment

~ By Jim Boyce While most wine in China — whether domestically produced or imported — is bottled under cork, and while I repeatedly hear this is what consumers want, we are seeing more screw caps. Three recent cases: 1. I saw the above two bottles of China favorite Cabernet Sauvignon in my local corner shop (see full shots below). The wine is from Concha y Toro, a major brand by volume here. The bottle at front right is 2010, the ones at left and in back are 2011. (I mentioned the change  in closures to the employee on duty. […]