Paddles Up! Grape Wall launches Dragon Boat Day

Grape Wall of China is launching a new project to help promote wine in China.

Dragon Wine Day / Dragon Wine Festival will celebrate two grapes with the word ‘dragon’ in their names, and with strong ties to China, during the annual Dragon Boat Festival.

Longyan aka Dragon’s Eye makes white wines and has over 1000 years of history in China.

Cabernet Gernischt aka Snake Dragon Ball makes red wines and came to China in the 1890s at the start of the country’s modern wine age.

This ‘double dragon’ blend offers twice as many reasons to enjoy local wine during the festival next week.

The project aims to reach consumers, which seem to be the missing player in a scene where the quality of Chinese wines increasingly improves even as production and sales stagnate or fall. And where the figures for imported wine are also sobering, despite China having an ever-growing wine education bureaucracy along with more and more wine contests, wine fairs and critics.

This is the latest in a number of Grape Wall projects, including the Grape Wall Challenge, which sees wine consumers serve as judges, and World Marselan Day, which saw more events than ever this year. I will be doing a long overdue update of those Marselan parties soon.

And look for more details on Dragon Wine Day / Dragon Wine Festival soon, too.

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