Ningxia Q&8: Deng Zhongxiang on consulting, hoverboards & hobbies

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Winemaker Deng Zhongxiang studied in Burgundy, worked there and in Bordeaux, and has spent the last decade consulting in Ningxia. In this Q&8, .

1 You worked in both Burgundy and Bordeaux. What was the biggest difference?

The way people dress and the way people talk, ha ha.

2 You consult for a handful of Ningxia wineries. What is the top challenge?

I can’t get enough rest during the harvest and I can’t get enough money for the driver.

3 You work with lots of grapes, from Marselan to Malbec to Viognier to Vidal. What grape surprised you most?

They all surprised me because these varieties are new to us and gave us new experiences. You would also be excited if you made a very good wine with those grapes.

4 When you have free time, what do you do?

Does making more money count!? I actually have little leisure time. When I do have time, I normally stay with my family, read or travel.

5 Beyond China and France, what wine place would you like to live and work in for one year?

Places like New Zealand, Italy and Germany. They are all beautiful and have good food, wines and views.

6 You ride a hoverboard in your winery videos. When did you learn to ride?

It’s so easy. I learned to ride it for the videos and it only took me 10 minutes.

7 Natural wine is gaining popularity in China. What is your take on this style?

You can learn from many of these ideas, you don’t have to be bound by rules, but the wine still has to be good.

8 When you want to relax, which wine that you helped make do you drink?

Well, sometimes I prefer beer, ha ha. Of course, I love my job and can always find some sparkling examples from those wines.

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