Mamma mia! Italian Wine Week in Beijing

Benvenuto! The first Italian Wine Week ??????? in Beijing is slated for September 12 to September 18 and will offer super fun and value. If you are a fan of Italian wines, or just curious about them, check out the options below.

Background: This year’s Italian Wine Week is featured in Beijing and Chongqing, following the inaugural campaign last year in Shanghai, Xiamen and Chengdu. The project is backed by Italian events organizer Veronafiere, specifically by its projects VinItaly, focused on wine promotion, and Wine to Asia, an annual wine trade fair next slated for December in Shenzhen. Sound confusing? It’ll all make sense after a few glasses of wine! Read on.

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This Opposite House Hotel restaurant features a buy one get one free promotion on all Italian wines by the glass from September 12 to September 18. Every single wine. That gives you 16 options to explore! And in terms of food, Frasca is best-known for the unique Italian dish, pinsa.

Frasca, Taikoo Li Sanlitun North, 11 Sanlitun Road | 6410-5210 | 6:30 AM-10:30 AM, 12 PM-2:30 PM, 6 PM-10:30 PM | Didi: Frasca | ??: 010-64105210. ??: ???????11??????? ?.

Vinvino ??

Enjoy a different Italian wine region each day at Vinvino, from Tuscany to Veneto to Sardinia to Sicily, and more. All of these Italian Wine Week options are available by the glass or by the bottle–see the menu below for wines and prices. Plus, Vinvino will get bubbly and have a multi-day offer on Franciacorta sparkling wine.

??: 18611968069. ??: ?????????????15????1 | 18611968069. Ichiban Street, 15 Zaoying North Li, Nongzhanguan North Road. Didi: Vinvino.


TRiO, which just held its opening party last weekend, will have four Italian wines by the glass via Coravin. Explore four parts of Italy during Italian Wine Week!

TRiO, SOHO Shangdu North Tower 2139. 15000929064 (Jeanne) | Didi: TRiO Wine Bar | ??: 15000929064. ??: ??????????8??3???? SOHO ???? 2139.

The Merchants

This venue is a combination of cafe, bar, restaurant, art gallery and sprawling outdoor space. All in a secluded area near The Forbidden City and away from the traffic. And for Italian Wine Week, guests can enjoy a 10 percent discount off all Italian wine by both glass and bottle at The Merchants. Check out the bottles below.

77 National Art Museum Backstreet. 4007990299. Sunday-Thursday 10 AM-midnight, Friday-Sunday 10 AM-2 AM | ??” 400-7990299. ??: ???????????77?.

M Natural

Sibling to Merchants, M Natural is located in the bustling Sanlitun area of Beijing. With a coffee shop up front and a speakeasy-feeling restaurant behind, accessible through a wide fridge that doubles as a door. Like Merchants, it will also offer a 10 percent discount on its Italian wines by glass and bottle for Italian Wine Week.

C308, Nali Patio, 81 Sanlitun North Street. 6460-4025. 10 AM-11 PM daily | ??: 6460-4025. ??: ??????????81?????3?C308?.

Living Room

The Living Room is the CHAO Hotel’s nightly getaway, including live music Tuesday to Saturday. During Italian Wine Week, it will offer a 15% discount on these six Italian wines.

4 Gongti East Road | 5871-5588 | Sunday to Thursday, 6 PM-10 PM. Friday to Saturday, 6 PM-11 PM. Live music, Tuesday to Saturday, from 7 PM | Didi: Living Room | ??: 5871-5588. ??: ???????4?.

Simple Drinks

Simple Drinks, which shares the same space as Duet Cafe, will have two Italian wine options available at less than 300 RMB per bottle during Italian wine week. This is a relaxed place to share a bottle with friends.

8 Shizipo Street | 18518224226 | Didi: Cafe Duet | ??: 18518224226. ??: ???????8?.


This wine shop chain has dozens of shops across the nation but Store 32 is the first to double as a bistro, with a kitchen opening there just a few months ago. For Italian Wine Week, CHEERS will have a feature each day, from free samples of wines to a five-bottle wine buffet. Check out the details at this link.

Shop 06A, Level 6-1, Building 10, Yard 5, Shuguangxili (Phoenix Galleria Instreet) | 4000055500 | 10 AM-10 PM daily | Didi: CHEERS (Phoenix Way Shop). ??: 400-0055500. ??: ??????????????10??-6-1?06A???.


Solitude is a fairly new wine bar and restaurant that stocks over 600 labels, including around 300 natural, biodynamic et al labels. Visitors can check out some of its Italian labels.

107 Cao Cang Mall, 19 Tianze Road. 13691451400 | ??: 13691451400. ??: ???????????????19???107?.

TAP bar a vin

TAP is a go-to for natural wine fans in Beijing. (Heads up: the team is on the verge of opening a second venue, Bistro PAT.) Check out some of the options below.

18600149523. DiDi: TaP BaR A VIN | ??: 18600149523. ??: ??????????.

GIADA Garden

Italian restaurant offers both fine dining and fine wine. Nestled in the China World Hotel, this venue has both set and a la carte menus. And is also offering a 20-percent discount on a Prosecco and a Pinot Grigio during Italian Wine Week.

6505-7651 | 3F, China World Hotel | DiDi: GIADA Garden | ??: 6505-7651. ??: ????????????1????????.

White Tiger Village

This relative newcomer has been a runaway success with its Yunnan cuisines and minimal intervention wine selection, including some delectable Italian options.

13164207035. 1F Shouhou Dajia, 5 Nongzhanguan Beilu | ??: 13164207035. ??: ???????????5???????.

Fiume ???????

Fiume is known for its homey atmosphere, delicious dishes and view of the Liangma River. For Italian Wine Week, order a second bottle and get a 25-percent discount on that bottle, with the deal starting at 9 PM.

6501-9878 | 1F FX Hotel, 39 Maizidian West Street | ??: 13552904145. ??: ???????????39?????????????.


ASSAGGI ???????

??: 8454-4508. ??: ??????????????. 1 Sanlitun North Street.


Best-known for its Naples-style pizza, Bottega has locations in Sanlitun (Nali Patio) and in the Jinshang Building.

Bottega ?? ???

??: 13691531455. ??: ??????????20????101

Bottega ?? ????

??: 010-64161752. ??: ????????81?????2?

Buona Bocca ??????

A casual spot in the Sanlitun-Gongti area to enjoy Italian wines and snacks. Both indoor and patio seating. Good value during the weekday happy hour, with buy one get one free wine by the glass, noon to 7 PM, Monday to Friday.

??: 5642-2236. ??: ??????????????????4??1???

Eatalia Carpe Diem


??: 6401-3263. ??: ?????????18? | 18 XiLou Alley


The sibling to Bottega, but this time with crispy Rome-style pizza by the slice. Again, two venues, one in Sanlitun (Taikooli South) and one in Sanyuanqiao. Try the Lambrusco.

Forno Sanyuanqiao | ?? ????. ??: 18531203165. ??: ????????????.??.

Forno Sanlitun | ?? ????. ??: 6462-7448. ??: ???????19??????3?S6-33.

LMPLUS ????? ?????

??: 6533-6366. ??: ?????????6???????10??103?.

La Pizza ???

A veteran Italian restaurant most famous for its Naples-style pizza.

??: 5900-3112. ??: ???????8?SOHO????1?SH-1112.

Opera Bombana

A perennial contender for best Italian fine dining restaurant in Beijing.

??: 5690-7177. ??: ??????????9??????21???.

Seven Fun. Wine ???·?

??: ???????????B1?.


??: 15801121669. ??: ??????????2????????.

Wine O’clock ??

??: 18518410200. ??: ???????????27??.

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