Wine to Asia | Local Heroes: Marselan, terroir & China

Just one week until winemaker Tong Lili 佟莉莉 talks about Local Heroes: Marselan, Terroir and China at the inaugural Wine to Asia in Shenzhen. Tong, managing partner at Man Zhou Xiang Winery 山东蓬莱满酌香酒庄, specializes in Marselan, a Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache cross that is doing well in China and seen by some as the country’s signature grape.

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Tong will begin by discussing her experiences in making small batches in coastal Penglai in Shandong Province and inland Huailai just north of Beijing, presenting three wines to show differences in terroir and vintage. She’ll also cover the results from dozens of Marselan tasting classes she has held across China with consumers and trade members. Like this one.

Then the focus will go “big picture” and turn to leading Marselan brands from three regions, including Huahao, founded in 2006 in Qingtongxia in ingxia, Grace Vineyard, founded in 1999 in Shanxi Province, and DFC aka Domaine Franco-Chinois in Huailai, Hebei Province, which planted the first Marselan in this country two decades ago. More details on each of these wines soon via Wine to Asia. Should be an enlightening flight!

I’ll start the class with a quick intro to Marselan, including its beginnings and where else in the world it is found, before handing the mic to Tong for the bulk of the class. If you are in Shenzhen, and interested in Chinese wine, this should be a good primer on one of the country’s most intriguing grapes!

Note: I have a special interest in this grape and started World Marselan Day in 2018 to get more people trying it.

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