Ganbei! Trade goes wild for Xi, Macron drinking wine in Shanghai

Trade people are going wild on WeChat over pics of Chinese president Xi Jinping and French president Emmanul Macron enjoying wine at the China International Import Expo today in Shanghai. My feed has featured a fast flow of the pair these past few hours. And ‘enjoying’ is perhaps not the best word as Xi doesn’t exactly seem comfortable, but both were definitely putting grape-based liquids in their mouths. And apparently some meat, too.

“[On] Tuesday Macron and Xi clinked glasses at the Import Expo in Shanghai, as the focus turned to trade and French culture,” writes Euronews.

“‘I felt that he was discovering Languedoc wine, that he didn’t know it, that he appreciated it,’ said Macron. ‘He tasted the three meats, so Charentaise, Limousine and Salers have good days in China, I hope the Chinese market will take them over’.”

Photos included the French Pavilion stand for Pernod Ricard, which handles powerhouse brands like Mumm’s Champagne, Martell Cognac and Ricard Pastis. Pernod Ricard is also exclusive distributor for DBR Lafite’s China wine Longdai.

Anyway, Gerard Bertrand is in lots of photos. And Jean-Marie Pratt of LIBER, who doubled as sommelier. is in even more.

The French pavilion wasn’t Xi’s only stop, as state media reported:

“Accompanied by French President Macron, Xi Jinping first visited the French Pavilion. Macron warmly invited Xi Jinping to taste French red wine and beef. French entrepreneurs at the scene rushed to Xi Jinping and said that French companies are optimistic about the Chinese market and hope to further expand exports to China. Xi Jinping pointed out that China’s consumer market is very large and can meet the diversified needs at different levels….

“Xi Jinping [then] entered some national pavilions. Tanzanian cashews, Greek food and art, Italian wines, Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee and rum cakes, Indonesian palm oil, Russian helicopters and cars, were all dazzling.”

Yes, people were posting photos of that Italian wine, too, apparently a Moscato d’Asti.

What next? As one person asked, “When will President Xi give President Macron a taste of Chinese wine?”

The winemaker at Ningxia project Xi Ge (Pigeon Hill) had a harmonious answer as he published a poster with wines from both countries.

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