Drink locally | Boutique Chinese wine tasting in Beijing, Shanghai

Note: If you plan to attend, I urge you to register by calling 8590-3020 in Beijing or 6090-7075 in Shanghai.

By Jim Boyce | Retailer Pudao is doing a repeat of last year’s Chinese boutique wine events. This is a sweet chance to try some of China’s best, including the astronomically priced Ao Yun—~rmb2400 per bottle—made by LVMH high in Yunnan’s mountains.

The tastings will be held simultaneously in Beijing and Shanghai on Saturday, March 31. They will include three wines each from Grace Vineyard (Shanxi province) and Kanaan (Ningxia region), the latter distributed by Summergate, owned by the same firm, Woolworths, as Pudao. (Two Kanaan wines were just listed in the Dan Murphy’s alcohol chain in Australia.)

There will also be two wines from Amethyard in Hebei province, one from Jia Bei Lan in Ningxia and, for the Shanghai tasting, one from Silver Heights, widely seen as China’s first successful boutique winery and also from Ningxia.

Oh, plus the aforementioned Ao Yun. And two rice wines.

In sum, this isn’t a Chinese wine lineup you find everyday.

The tastings are March 31, 3 PM to 5 PM (addresses below). Entry is rmb200. Spend rmb500 and you get half your fee refunded. Spend rmb1000 and you get it all back.

And if you are interested in even more local wines, check out the recommendations I made in China Daily last month.

Pudao Beijing: 8590-3020 | Unit F1-01, Tower AB, The Office Park, 10 Jintong West Road

Pudao Shanghai: 6090-7075 | House 102, Ferguson Lane, 376 Wu Kang Road, Xuhui District

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