Hard evidence: The truth of why Chinese mix wine and soft drinks

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By Jim Boyce

Foreign wine writers, educators and other members of the vintelligentsia love to roll their eyes and tell tales of Chinese consumers mixing Sprite or Coke with wine — even better if the bottle in question is ’82 Lafite. But why consumers do this — or see ’82 Lafite as the be-all and end-all — has long been a source of debate. Perhaps they are mimicking some movie scene where a savvy character tops up his Cabernet with Coke. Or, in the case of some of the spottier local plonk, trying to mask the taste. Or, as in Spain, simply see it as a good mix for a particularly youthful bottle: see kalimotxo.

Turns out that none of these theories hold wine.

The reason Chinese add soft drinks to still wine is simple: Local wine educators teach them to do so. That this is unknown to the outside world underscores the insularity of the foreign wine community. Truth is, many of these so-called experts have witnessed such blending of wine and soft drinks. Sadly, they have never asked why it is being but have instead filed the experience so they can later theorize about it in a closed circle with their fellow wine “gatekeepers”.

But now, in true Marco Polo-style, one man — from France, no less — has finally revealed the truth in a single photo that someone has claimed “is worth 1.3 billion words“. Here is is:

wine and sprite education trust in china

And if you haven’t guessed yet, this is an April Fool’s joke.

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