China Wine List of the Year 2013: Who’s got a 350-page menu and 10,000 bottles?

Tommy Lam Peter Forrestal China Wine List of the Year Awards Shanghai 2013

By Jim Boyce

Results from the inaugural China Wine List of the Year contest were announced last weekend in Shanghai with more than 70 hotels, bars and restaurants receiving a rating of “recommended” or higher.

Taking top spot? The Robuchon au Dome in Macau. This place has a 350-page menu and more than 10,000 bottles in its cellar. Peter Forestall, c0-chairman of the judges, described it as “a billionaire’s list, a playground for the rich and famous. For all that, it does show what is possible with a talented sommelier and the desire to create an inspirational and aspirational list.”

If you’re not familiar with the Robuchon’s list, which includes gems like a 1900 Latour and an 1825 Y’Quem, it’s kind of like entering, into a Car of the Year contest, a diamond-encrusted DeLorean capable of time travel. In other words, a blinged-out Back to the Future car. That’s definitely going to win if everyone else is driving BMWs and Honda Civics. I know I voted for Robuchon.

In an email interview, Forrestal called the response to the contest “exceptional” and praised the best entries.

“At the top end, the sheer depth of the great lists inspire awe,” he said. “These show an amazing knowledge of the great wines of the world and a determination to source the best. Similarly, there have been lists that boast outstanding cutting edge wines from the USA, Australia, France and the major producers around the world. These show an up-to-the-minute knowledge of exciting developments in winemaking while offering outstanding wines at good prices.”

He did find a couple of surprises. For one thing, he expected to see better by-the-glass lists. And, he asked, “Where are the Chinese wines?

I plan two more posts about this contest. One will cover the intriguing bottles found on the lists — I spent about eight hours going through the six finalists. The other will explain where to find at least some of those Chinese wines.

Some of this year’s major winners are listed below. You can get the full results here.

china wine list of the year cwlotyRobuchon au Dome image#1

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