‘Awesometon’: Photo essay of Brit breaking wine glass holding record in Beijing

He isn’t human!” screamed someone* on Saturday afternoon as Philip Osenton held 51 wine glasses in one hand at the Hilton Beijing.

I first saw Osenton and his glass act in April in the office of magazine La Revue du Vin de France. On that day, he created a mini mountain of 31 glasses and, when research showed no one had achieved more than 39 glasses, it appeared a world record was within reach. Since then, Osenton has sharpened his skills all over the city with all kinds of glasses — he’s been spotted in action everywhere from The Loop to Cru Wine Bar.

That practice makes perfect attitude shone on Saturday. On his two attempts at 1 PM in front of the media, Osenton first held 40 glasses and then 45 glasses. On his third attempt, in a hotel ballroom full of attendees at the fifteenth annual Food & Wine Experience, he reached 51 glasses.

Here are photos of the Feats of Osenton, now known as Awesometon, although The Wizard of Osenton also has a nice ring to it…

(* That scream might have been to myself. I’m still checking for confirmation.)

Osenton reached 31 glasses in April at La Revue du Vin de France. Isabel Xie and Fiona Sun look impressed — and maybe a little worried!
Osenton practices the day before the record attempt. Grasping that next glass can be difficult.
Last known photo of Osenton before he became known widely as Awesometon. If you’re wondering, “Are those Paul Smith jeans?”, the answer is yes.
Osenton and his glasses ahead of the first attempt. An enigmatic expression that combines complete confidence and sheer terror.
The media captures the glass-by-glass action while the clever reps from Parxet have shown up in back with a celebratory bottle of sparkling wine.
Osenton reaches 40 on his first attempt. Notice the shoes: Good sole grip is crucial.
Journalists question Osenton afterwards. My guess: they were asking about performance-enhancing materials (like Windex).
Awesometon attempts a third record in the ballroom, with Hilton Beijing’s Emile Otte (far right) ready to jump in for an emergency or celebratory hug.
Practice makes perfect…

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