Online wine retail in China: What’s happening at

By Jim Boyce

Update (07/23): I have been unable to reach via any of the links on its website (the phone numbers are top right here). The mobile is “power off” and calls to the land line and an email to the company account have gone unanswered. Not looking good…

Wine social group Vinehoo posted the message below (link is here) on Weibo this week. My best read: there are rumors that online wine retailer has stopped operations, that suppliers have been unable to collect on outstanding payments, and that the sector will likely face a shakeup this year.

One wine distributor told me his staff recently went to the offices and found them vacated, while another said that the company might have moved to smaller quarters.

A company such as is flexible in terms of its headquarters, so it is possible this outfit has set up elsewhere. At the very least, the yangjiu website is still up and running.

I sent an email to the contact address on the website and will try to get in touch with to find out what is happening. But as mentioned, the website is currently still running.

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  1. Their hotline does not answer phone calls for over 10 days now and the mobile phone displayed on their web is power off.

    As for me this means they closed for good!

    Even if the website is still running…

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