Breakage in Beijing: Can Osenton shatter the world record for holding wine glasses?

Everyone needs a hobby...

After a wine tasting at Revue du Vin yesterday, Philip Osenton casually mentioned he can hold a lot of glasses in one hand. How many? Ten? Fifteen? Turns out that’s child’s play for Osenton. He claimed a personal record of 29.

A half-hour later, in front of a half-dozen witnesses, he managed to break that record and hold 31 wine glasses. Not one smashed. On top of that, he expressed confidence he can break 40* — in terms of the record, not in terms of shattered glassware on the floor.

Here is what the Guinness Book of World Records says about this particular skill:

The most wine glasses held in one hand was 39 by Reymond Adina (Philippines) at the Quatre-Gats restaurant in Barcelona, Spain on 24 October 2007.

The number of glasses held in the hand is a matter of pride for Barcelona waiters, and many are adept at carrying dozens of glasses without breaking them.

It’s also obviously a matter of pride for Osenton, who includes stints at the Ritz and Savoy hotels in London on his CV. Anyway, he’s willing to go for the record, the Hilton Beijing is willing to host the attempt, and I’m working on a glass sponsor. More on this soon…

* Frankly, based on the arm strength and poise he demonstrated yesterday, 50 is within reach.

The definition of concentration...

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