Beyond bottles: China wine distributor ASC has logo knocked off


If you buy wine in China and check the back labels of bottles, you have likely seen the above logo of ASC Fine Wines, given the company ranks among the top importers and distributors in the country. The logo has a stalk of bamboo and a rough approximation of some grapes, though to me it has always seemed more tropical — perhaps a bunch of coconuts near a palm tree? To each his or her own logo interpretation, I suppose.

Anyway, it looks like someone else — specifically, an outfit call CJG — likes the look given its bags sport the same design. ASC is no stranger to intellectual property issues, given its clients include oft-copied heavyweights such as Penfold’s — check out this Benfold’s logo — but this time around the company itself is being copied.

(Hat tip to Tickety-boo)

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  1. This is obviously bad news.

    A quick comment on the official ASC Fine Wines logo: you’ve described it as “tropical.”

    I would characterize it as early 1960s Polynesian Kitsch…think Trader Vics, Mai Tais, Grasshopper Cocktails, Crab Rangoon, Tiki, Pina Coladas direct from a hollowed-out coconut and pineapple pork!

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