Wine Future Hong Kong 2011: Top 20 Tweets from Day Two

Did Francis Ford Coppola direct this? (Pic: J Suckling)


I spent most of today scurrying about Beijing in preparation for The Grape Wall Challenge tomorrow, all while the Jancis truthers ran amok in Hong Kong. But that didn’t stop me, one hour ago, from ordering a pint, sitting down, and skimming through Wine Future tweets that used the hash tag #wfhk11. (By the way, for extraordinary tweets, like the above one of a monster Robert Parker apparently falling asleep on Robinson, please use #WTFhk11.) Unfortunately, I could only go back seven hours, so this is the best wrap I could do for today. Look for a final list of top tweets tomorrow.

  • lesliefeeney RT @Arto_Koskelo: Pinotnoirishness is a quality found also among people = an elegant personality with a bad temper and an impeccable eye for drama. [Basically Lindsay Lohan without the elegant personality?]
  • @ilkka_siren Chinese wines so far sounds like wines from North Carolina. [Because they both remind you of Tar Heels? Ha ha ha ha, weee, ha ha ha ha. Hey, wait a minute. I actually like some Chinese wines.]
  • teamdb “I’ve probably told more people in the last 6 months that they shouldn’t come to China than they should” Jaime Araujo, Terravina [I heard some Chinese people say the same thing about Asia wine experts. Kidding, just kidding…]
  • peterpanwine RT @Arto_Koskelo: The giant Parker is sniffing Jancis’s right arm pit if I’m not totally mistaken. [I hope he chose spit over swallow for that one.]
  • Arto_Koskelo Austria is full of small scale unknown future superstars if such a category even exists;) [That category does exist. See the parallel case of Saskatchewan maple syrup producers.]
  • @ClarendonHills RT @jamesbusbytrav: 1st wine out of the traps @JancisRobinson tasting #WFHK11 Brazilian fizz. Smells like canned Parmesan. Champenoise can sleep easily tonight [“out of the traps”. Writing that down for future hipster wine tasting notes.]
  • RT @DebraMeiburgMW: Chester Osborne just stripped to his underwear on stage at #WFHK11 (d’Arenberg) [That’s nothing. Dave Powell of Torbreck actually shows his ass.]
  • @thomasjullien “@PhHUGON: What technics to market china? Terravina answering…she doesn’t have a clue has she? #wfhk11”– haha nasty and true [Get more here for just under 1000 euros.]
  • @richardsiddle Felicity Carter at #WFHK11 says if want to sell your wine ask yourself if my wine was a person what would they look like. Go from there. [The wine I drank last night was Nick Nolte after a week of heavy of drinking, two pack a day smoking and an apparent inability to find a shower. There’s only one way to go from there.]
  • @Jaq_Stedman RT @richardsiddle: Robert Joseph with more ideas in 5 mins on how to talk to consumers than heard all conf [I once interviewed Joseph by email, it got lost in transmission, I met him in person in Beijing, and he recited the questions and answers from memory — the story is here. Then he rode away on a unicorn made of truffles.]

Argh, that’s only 1o tweets, but it’s nearly midnight, this place is about to close, and I have to get up early tomorrow. I will try to do better next time…

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