A mystery solved: What does Foreign Girl taste like?


What does Foreign Girl taste like?


So concluded a group that last night tried a bottle of this liquid concocted by Chang Bai Shan Wine, located in Jilin province in northeastern China. I bought it in Beijing at Carrefour.

Actually, no strawberries here, but a friend who guessed “strawberries and herbs” gets points as this light (8 percent alcohol) somewhat sweet wine includes a few ingredients commonly found in Chinese medicine, including wolfberry.

I realize my photo is terrible (again) so here is the English written below “Foreign Girl” on the label (I reproduce it here with typos):

The wine is clear and transparent with bright color and lustre, mellow and tastelasting with charming fruity taste. Thanks to the nut ritions such as amino acid,vitamin C,vitamin B1, vitaminB2, schisandra element, schisandra alcohol, volate oil and multiple microelements, the wine moistens the lung,enriches the.

In other words, if you need your lungs moistened – and who doesn’t in this dry Beijing air – then this wine is for you. By the way, as much as I joke, we polished off the bottle.

foreign girl wine label-002

Mmm, berries…

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