Winery visit: Chateau Bolongbao

By Jim Boyce

I again joined Marc Curtis of China Wine Tours for a visit to Chateau Bolongbao, this time with a TV crew. My past posts covered Bolongbao’s vineyard, fermentation room, and cellar, and of the grape stomping held during a fall visit with the Beijing Wine Club. Here are a few from last Saturday’s visit:

The beginnings of a future vintage
of Bolongbao wine (photos: J. Boyce)

Chateau Bolongbao June 2008 Visit
Translator and ex-Chateau Bolongbao
marketing director Tony Chen.

Chateau Bolongbao June 2008 Visit
China Wine Tour’s Marc Curtis and Chen
in the fermentation room.

Chateau Bolongbao June 2008 Visit - Fermentation Room
Chateau Bolongbao is in Hebei Province,
just outside Beijing

Rose bushes at the vineyard’s edge
act as early indicators of disease.

A hilltop view of Bolongbao taken during
our March visit.

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