Grape press: The decreasing influence of Hong Kong on mainland China

By Jim Boyce

Interesting article at wines-info by by Johnson Qu called Hong Kong declined its effect as the exchange hub of imported wine.

It discusses the decreasing of influence of Hong Kong on the mainland China wine market over the past ten years.  A lack of knowledge of sourcing wine, handling documentation, and other factors are cited as the reason for the earlier influence.

In recent year, few Chinese vintners imported wine from Hong Kong. The reasons are as follows: Firstly, with the development of Chinese economy, Chinese wine imported companies increased their strength, and they can import wine by themselves. Secondly, the imported wine tariff declined. Thirdly, the international trade manage authority is loosened and the wine imported procedures are simplified.

The full story is available here.

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  1. Hong Kong did a great service introducing wine to the wider China. However when wine consumption expands importation via Hong Kong becomes a bottle-neck. Mr. Qu’s observations are good news for a nascent Chinese wine market.

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