Beijing Wine Club: Second anniversary party this Saturday

The Beijing Wine Club will hold its second anniversary and wine awards on December 15 at Sequoia Café (Guanghua Road). The party gets started at 8 PM and includes a tasting of five wines. The cost is RMB150 per person. RSVP in order to ensure enough wine is available for everyone. To book a spot or for more info, email

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  1. Dear editor,

    I attended the BWC anniversary function last night. I have to say that IMHO, it was a case of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

    Don’t get me wrong – the wines were interesting, the food was what you would expect for the price, and the turnout was I am sure very encouraging for the organisers.

    What got up my nose, or soured my palate, was that they couldn’t be bothered to tell us it was really nothing more than a gigantic plug for Time Out magazine and for one author in particular.

    Awards were handed out to the distributors of wines that were selected by a panel of judges. Were these judges selected from among the regulars of BWC? No, they were from Time Out. Were the wines that won awards even avaliable in Beijing? No, not all of them.

    I have no beef with a group of like-minded peple getting together and organising events. All power to them! But if they are going to present wines awards, why not present their own? Only one of the five judges came from among the BWC membership. And if Time Out magazine wants to put on an awards night, why not advertise it as their night? Why masquerade as a BWC event?

    The answer to these questions lies in the fact that the co-founder of the BWC has been commissioned to write articles for TO. Several times durng the speeches we were encouraged to get hold of the mag, as his article on the TO wine awards would be in next month’s edition. That’s fine – I congratulate him on being asked to write them, but he should not confuse his BWC responsibilities with his TO job.

    Methinks the allure of being published may have clouded his judgement slightly. His own BWC’s reputation has been sold out, when it could have easily given out its own awards.

    Next year, let’s have BWC judge the wines, and give BWC awards. And if TO wants to do the same, that’s their choice.

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