Good Fallows: In China, writer finds message in the bottle

I spotted a post by James Fallows (The Atlantic Monthly) about buying an 11.8 RMB bottle of “China Red Wine.” His comment, “How bad can it be?” set off my “please, not another person making fun of Chinese wine” alert.

So, I dashed off an abrupt email and asked if it would be possible for him to write about some of the better Chinese wines.

Well, sometimes our passions get the better of us.

He quickly replied: “I actually have had some good Grace wine (and some pretty-good Catai white wine), plus several others I liked that I’ve written about in other posts.” Those would be Xinjiang’s Suntime, which I have yet to try but will at my next blind tasting, and Gansu’s Mogao (see his reviews).

He also gives a shout to China Wine Tours, a company I recently covered on this blog.

Note: Knowing his love of bad headlines, I did my best with the title for this post.

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