Shanghai: The two best wine deals in town

By Peter Wright

As a big wine drinker, it is pleasing to see an increasing number of bars, restaurants, retailers and wholesalers hold wine tastings, wine promos or offer value-for-money wines by the glass. However, two places stand out way ahead of the pack. They are:

(1) Sasha’s (corner of Hengshan and Dongping Roads), which holds a wine buffet every Friday, when it’s an all-you-can drink deal from a selection of about a dozen wines from 6.30-9 PM for just RMB148. A lot of the wines are drinkable lower end labels, with one or two nasty Nelly’s, but most weeks there are a few roses among the thorns to keep the pickier plonkheads happy (e.g. Pedroncelli 2002 Merlot, Jim Barry 2004 Shiraz). Note, the wine selection changes each week.

(2) American Steak and Eggs (99-3 Xikang Road, around the corner from Big Bamboo and the Portman) has a very decent Argentinian wine, Signos Shiraz 2005, on special at a paltry RMB15 a glass or RMB65 a bottle! The wine is fresh and there’s no fine print to bite you in the balls. They also have a Signos Chardonnay Chenin Blanc 2006 at the same price, but I haven’t tried it yet.

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