Stop whining, start wining…

Getting provincial: Shandong’s Catai…

or Shanxi’s Grace?

For those who complain that Chinese wine is rotgut, here’s a chance to shelve big wineries such as Great Wall, Changyu, et al and give the work of smaller China wineries a shot. This Friday, Sequoia Cafe features a blind tasting of a red and a white from four of the more interesting outfits, including:

Huadong (Shandong), which a few years back received praise from the likes of Jancis Robinson for its Riesling.

Taillan (Hebei), a French joint venture outside Beijing run by winemaker / Sequoia Cafe regular Alain Leroux.

Grace (Shanxi), considered by many to make China’s best quality and value wines – this is served at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel and has performed well in my own blind tastings.

Catai (Shandong), an Italian joint venture, which has wine ranging in taste (IMHO) from tasty to terrible.

The wines will tend to be the wineries’ entry-level offerings, thus buying a few bottles – if you like them – won’t bust your bank account.

The event is 100 kuai per person and includes the wines, the usual appetizers, and good company. If interested in attending, contact Frank Siegel at / 13701-178-073. Tell him you read about it on Beijing Boyce.

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