Wine workshop: Three days in Beijing

Get out your acronym finder as CAU (China Agricultural University), CSV (Chinese Society for Viticulture), CADIA (China Alcoholic Drinks Industry Association) and OIV (International Organization of Vine and Wine) team up for the International Workshop on the Chinese Wine Market and Wine-related Products, August 8 to 10 in Beijing.

Day 1 features a visit to the Huailai wine region’s Great Wall Winery and to the Great Wall itself, followed by a wine dinner.

Day 2 includes seminars on China’s current wine market, on government policies and regulations on imported wines in China, and on market research on Chinese buyers. Attendees will hear about the experiences of a boutique winery (Grace Vineyard) and a retailer (Metro) in China, and about brand positioning. The day will wrap up with a tasting of Chinese wines.

Day 3 includes foreign experts speakers about the wine industry in the US, France and Australia. An afternoon session will focus on the media and wine promotion in China.

The three-dayworkshop, including the wine tastings, dinners and winery tour, is 550 euros. There are more details here, but note that the exact itinerary will likely differ slightly.

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