Unsung heroes | Ten people making China’s wine scene better

Any wine scene tends to have a few people at the top getting most of the attention and China is no different. Those people can be there for many reasons, from merit to first-mover status to a focus on fame to [fill in the blank]. But there are also always others supporting that scene, the bulk of the iceberg beneath the tip, who get far less attention.

I wrote about ten such ‘unsung heroes’ for Meininger’s Wine Business International. I know some well, others only a bit, but all play unique roles in the growth of wine in China.

And there are many more. I started with over 100 names for this article. Limited magazine space meant the painful task of fitting just ten. It’s a list that covers many roles — winemaker, academic, importer, teacher, more.

Maybe you have your own list of unsung heroes? I hope so. Given the recent struggles of the wine scene, we need all the heroes we can get.

Here’s the article, printed with permission. You can also see it online here at the Meininger site. And can subscribe to the magazine here.

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