Local pour: Five experts talk about consumers and Chinese wine

“We have seen a big demand in the past few years. Mainly due to curiosity, with the trade eager to present good Chinese wines. You also have a lot of people coming to China and wondering if there is anything good.”

— Alberto Fernandez, Torres China / Everwines

Slowly but surely, there is growing demand for quality Chinese wines in this country’s hotels, restaurants and bars. For my most recent story in DRiNK, I interviewed five wine experts about their experiences with consumers in China, from how the wines were perceived to tips on presenting them. In order of appearance:

  • Yvonne Chiong, Opus One (formerly Jean Georges / Three on the Bund)
  • Ignace Lecleir, Temple Restaurant Beijing (formerly Maison Boulud)
  • Alberto Fernandez, Torres China / Everwines
  • Marcus Ford, Pudao Wines (formerly M on the Bund)
  • Hans Qu, consultant / sommelier (formerly EaseScent, Shenzhen Intercontinental)

For the full pdf (~500 KB), click here. You can get more information about the China market at the DRiNK website here.

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