Ningxia wine: Jia Bei Lan 2009 launch set for mid-March in Beijing

By Jim Boyce

Look for much-talked about wine Jia Bei Lan 2009, from operation Helan Qing Xue in the Ningxia region, to be first launched in Beijing in mid-March followed shortly thereafter by launches in Chengdu and Shanghai. The wine will be handled by importer and distributor The Wine Republic. And don’t expect it to come cheap: word is the price tag will be more than rmb800 per bottle.

A source at The Wine Republic says Jia Bei Lan will be distributed at some 50 hotels and restaurants in China. As for retail, it will be available in a handful of places, most likely including Pudao Wines in Beijing.

(I realize this is the third straight post in which I’ve mentioned Jia Bei Lan. I promise the next one will be about something else.)

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