It’s on: Twenty distributors confirmed for Grape Wall Challenge

The Grape Wall Challenge, scheduled for March 13, now has a full slate of wines. Twenty distributors confirmed their participation, from the biggest companies to the smaller players, from those providing wines from many countries to those focusing on a single nation. The wines will hail from six countries: France, Italy, South Africa, Chile, Argentina, and Australia. The eighteen companies are (in order of signing up):

China Wines & Spirits
Links Concept
French Wine Paradox
Top Cellar
BJ Winestore
French Touch Int’l
Label France
Torres China
East Meets West
DT Asia
Wine River
Beijing Museo
Palette Vino
Beijing Panser

We will work with interested distributors on a second event, a public tasting in which consumers can try the wines entered in the Grape Wall Challenge and be their own judges. Finally, a list of judges on the expert panel will be posted here later in the week.

For more details about the Grape Wall Challenge, see here: 中文 / English / Francais. For more details on distributor participation, see here: 中文 / English / Francais.

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