Amon ra! Go dolphin!

By Jim Boyce

amon-ra.gifWhen not dragging along this or that Chinese wine (usually from Grace Vineyard) to a party and forcing it on the wary, I often bring a bottle by Ben Glaetzer, whether it be Stickleback (~RMB100), Heartland Shiraz (RMB~150) or, on that rare occasion I fumble across a long-forgotten wad of cash in a suit pocket, Bishop Shiraz (~RMB400). I find these wines to have wide appeal.

For those with thicker wallets, Glaetzer‘s Amon-Ra (100 percent Shiraz) and Godolphin (70 percent Shiraz, 30 percent Cabernet Sauvignon), previously only at China World Hotel, are now also available direct from the distributor (Palette Wines) and at Maison Boulod (Legation Quarter) and Hilton Wangfujing.

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