Say Grace: The search for seven good Chinese wines (part 1)

July 5, 2007 // 9 Comments

Note: I will post the notes from the second blind tasting shortly. Action scene from my at-home blind tasting of Chinese wines (more pics below) I’ve received numerous emails from people who are either: 1) curious about Chinese wine but unsure where to start, or 2) cynical about Chinese wine after a bad experience or two with some nasty Dynasty or Great Wall. My mission: find seven decent wines made with Chinese grapes that anyone in Beijing can easily buy for less than 700 kuai for their own DIY tasting with friends. As fireworks exploded (Chinese New Year!) outside my […]

Changyu: Light on Both Palate and Wallet

July 5, 2007 // 2 Comments

I held a wine tasting at home during Spring Festival and the surprise star, in terms of value, was a magnum of Changyu sparkling cider. At 5 percent alcohol and less than 30 kuai, it packed 1.5 liters of bubbly fun (thanks to Fongyee and Edward for bringing it). I had not since spotted it in local supermarkets or corner stores, until last night, that is, when I found a bottle at 7-ELEVEN, just east of the Gongti West club street. This cider won’t win any awards, but at 28 kuai, it may be the best value out there for […]