Chantal Chi

Chantal Chi on the road: Is there “terroir” in China?

May 11, 2009 // 3 Comments

By Chantal Chi After spending a decade visiting the world’s wine regions, I decided this past year to see how the wine industry is progressing at home in China. Flying over China makes me realize that this country, with its diversity of climates and soils, is best considered as a continent. Given this, there should be an ideal “terroir” for wine in China, right? My travels started in the northern province of Hebei, which surrounds the nation’s capital, Beijing. Smaller wineries have arisen here since bigger players settled down more than a decade ago. French-Chinese joint venture Dragon Seal led […]

Wine sales growth: French fever in Shanghai

February 6, 2008 // 1 Comment

By Chantal Chi A few weeks ago, just before the snow came, I went to a wine shop opening in Shanghai called French Touch. Despite the unusually cold weather, the shop was full of guests, including wine professionals, which just goes to show that with wine, China is hot. This is shown by recent China Customs statistics about imported bottled wines. More than 15.5 million liters of French wine was imported in 2007, more than double the amount in 2006, which already was double the amount in 2005. If wine is hot, the temperature is rising fast when it comes […]

Interview: Chantal Chi on wine, wineries and wine books

January 22, 2008 // 3 Comments

– By Jim Boyce Chantal Chi is the newest contributor to The Grape Wall of China. To kick off Chantal’s participation, I interviewed her about how she got involved in wine, her upcoming books, and more. How did you first get interested in wine? It was 1998. I was working in France and one day I ate in a Michelin-star restaurant. The sommelier did some “magic” by pairing my wine and food. I asked myself, “How can this liquid – meaning the wine – be so magical?” This fabulous experience brought me into the world of wine. I only started […]