Campbell Thompson

On the margin: Why that bottle of wine costs RMB400

January 28, 2008 // 5 Comments

By Campbell Thompson Let’s say you dine in a five-star hotel in China, decide to order a bottle of wine, and spot one on the menu for RMB 400. How did the wine get listed at that price? There are three key factors at work. First, the combined import duty, value-added tax and consumption tax for imported wine works out at about 48 percent of landed cost. In other words, in order to get its RMB 100 wine into the country, the importer ends up plunking down RMB 148. That’s fairly high by world standards, though some other Asian markets, […]

China: a wine taster’s paradise?

January 3, 2008 // 6 Comments

By Campbell Thompson China’s major cities are a burgeoning wine lover’s paradise that offer budding oeneophiles the chance to sample many of the world’s great wines. “A wine lover’s paradise?” you ask. “Surely that’s just a bit of New Year’s celebratory hyperbole?” Well, perhaps “paradise” is going too far, but Beijing and Shanghai are great places to be if you speak English and have a moderate amount of money, by Western standards, in your pocket to invest in your budding wine habit. Consider: Unlike in most other major wine-producing countries – and China is a major wine producer, at least […]

Grape Wall of China 2.0: Campbell Thompson

November 5, 2007 // 0 Comments

Grape Wall of China will soon begin including contributions from ten people involved in the Greater China wine scene as academics, wine-makers, distributors, educators or consumers. To kick things off, I will post a profile each day. (For more China wine info, join the Grape Wall of China group on Facebook and/or sign up for my free e-newsletter by emailing with “sign me up” in the subject line.) Today’s profile: Campbell Thompson Main focus: Chinese consumers “Campbell Thompson grew up in South Australia, close to Coonawarra – one of Australia’s most respected wine regions. Campbell has lived and worked in […]