Grape Wall of China is a nonprofit blog that covers everything from tastings and winery visits to interviews and industry news. It aims to include the voices of consumers, winemakers, distributors, academics and consultants. Specific goals include finding good Chinese wines, exploring the country’s vineyards and serving as a hub for industry people outside and inside China, particularly the blog’s contributors. I started Grape Wall in 2007 as a spinoff of a nightlife blog called Beijing Boyce that I started in 2006 as a spinoff of a nightlife newsletter I started in 2005.

We organize an annual event called  The Grape Wall Challenge that features a dozen Chinese consumers blind-tasting wines under rmb100. The aim is not only to find a favorite wine but also to give consumers confidence in expressing opinions. I have also helped organize other events, such as the North by Northwest Challenge, focused on wines from those parts of China, and the Bordeaux vs Ningxia Challenge, a showdown between two regions.

Along with the blog, I publish a free China wine newsletter called GWoC Talk — see a sample here — and post Grape Wall news regularly on Twitter and Weibo. I have also written on the China wine scene for publications such as Wine Business International, Wine Enthusiast, La Revue du Vin de France, China Daily, Economist Daily News and The Wall Street Journal.

Grape Wall takes time and money, so any help in promoting the blog and newsletter, or in providing info on China’s wine scene, is always appreciated.

Cheers, Jim Boyce
beijingboyce (at) yahoo.com

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