Treaty (Ex)Port | Three labels from Shandong winery now sold in UK

By Jim Boyce | Three labels from Treaty Port, the Shandong winery that doubles as a Scottish castle, are now listed in the UK. The Real Wine Company is selling ‘The Philosopher’ Syrah 2016 (£13), ‘The Debutate’ Rose (£12.50) and ‘The Lady of Fashion’ Chardonnay-Viognier (£12.50).

“[The Philosopher]” is named in honour of the Taoist philosopher Qiu Chuji, whose temple is in our vineyard,” states Treaty Port. That one is only available to club members and the export market.

Treaty Port was established by Chris Ruffle, who planted his first vines in Shandong in 2005. More than a dozen grape varieties, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, Muscat, Petite Verdot and Sangivoese, are spread over 21 hectares.

Ruffle wrote about his vinous Shandong adventures in the book, A Decent Bottle of Wine in China. Also check out his 2016 interview with Global Times.

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