Effervescent afterthought: The sparkling wine market in China

sparkling wine in china wine business international


By Jim Boyce

Bubbly is a distant competitor to still wines in China, a modest spume in the glass of total consumption, an effervescent afterthought. But as the market grows and more pockets of drinkers move from their typical tipple – notably reds from France – opportunities are increasing for sparkling wine. This has not gone unnoticed when it comes to producers at home, including projects backed by a global drinks giant, the country’s top family-owned winery, and a top-three domestic player.”

I didn’t know much about the sparkling wine market in China when I started the above story for Wine Business International. Now I can say I know a little. Which is sometimes the best you can do in a market as huge and hard to read as China’s. In any case, click here for the full story, in pdf form, including statistics, some insights on market conditions in China and details on three local producers.

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