Seeking a sweet deal in China: Who wants some Idaho ice wine?

koenig distillery and winery idaho beijing china

By Jim Boyce

You might know a few things about Idaho, like:

Let’s stop there and get to the point.

It is also home to Koenig Distillery & Winery, which includes ice wine in its portfolio. For those into contests, it is award-winning Riesling ice wine. I hear it tastes pretty, um, suh-weet. And word is the company would like to find an importer for China. Hey, the English are stocking Chinese ice wine, so why not some from Idaho here? Get the contact details for Koenig here.

(I knew I could write that post without making a sweet potato joke.)

The guy deserves a case of Koenig just for trying.
The guy deserves a case of Koenig just for trying.

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