June 2012

In with a (very loud) bang: Photo essay of Yantai International Wine Exposition opening in China

June 29, 2012 // 0 Comments

By Jim Boyce The opening of the Yantai International Wine Exposition started off as a brain-numbing exercise that involved the introduction of dozens of dignitaries and the giving of numerous speeches under a blazing sun to a crowd that simply wanted to be inside. It went on and on and on, for about an hour, and I pitied the poor people stuck on stage in suits. Then, just as I almost fell asleep standing up, someone announced that the exposition was open. All heck broke loose. Loud booms ripped the air and massive clouds of pink and white smoke rose […]

Blueprint a better blue: On translating Robert Parker’s wine tasting notes into Chinese

June 12, 2012 // 0 Comments

~ By Jim Boyce I happily joined a dinner in Beijing a week ago with a group that included Marcus Ford, Stuart Christie and Jim Yang of retail shop Pudao Wines, Dominique Bonnel of importer and distributor Summergate, and Lisa Perrotti-Brown, who was visiting from Singapore and writes for the magazine and website published by highly influential American critic Robert Parker. We opened some very nice bottles over dinner, most of them lost on me given that I overindulged earlier that day, during a tasting of wines chosen by Ford and presented by Perrotti-Brown. Those bottles nevertheless did their part […]

China wine word: Opus One CEO David Pearson on fakes, strategies and styles

June 7, 2012 // 2 Comments

By Jim Boyce I met David Pearson, CEO of Opus One, and Yvonne Chiong-Mougin, the company’s Asia export manager, in Beijing yesterday to talk about the winery and its position in China. Pearson told me the company’s biggest market in Asia is Japan, with three to four times more volume than China, including Hong Kong, but there is strong and growing demand in this country. He also talked about everything from counterfeit wine to sales strategy. Here are some excerpts (my highlights): On Opus One and counterfeits This is a very large industry issue, one that predates [the recent growth […]

RVF 2012 China Wine Awards: Li Demei, Emma Gao, Grace Vineyard lead way

June 4, 2012 // 0 Comments

By Jim Boyce The Chinese edition of wine magazine Revue du Vin de France revealed the winners of its 2012 China Wine Awards last week during Vinexpo in Hong Kong. Some of the highlights: Top Region Ningxia Person of the Year Li Demei (Beijing University of Agriculture) Best Winery Grace Vineyard (Shanxi) Best Winemaker Emma Gao, Silver Heights (Ningxia) Best Design Jade Valley (Shaanxi) Nubes (Hebei) ‘Dark Horse’ Wineries Bacchus (Ningxia) XiXia King (Ningxia). Wineries with Great Potential Les Champs d’Or (Xinjiang) Domaine Helan Mountain (Ningxia) Sunshine Valley (Gansu) ~ There were also awards for “best value“, with Imperial Horse, […]

Matured two years: Nick Bartman’s investigation of fake wine, other IPR issues in China

June 3, 2012 // 0 Comments

By Jim Boyce In March of 2010, I met Nick Bartman twice in Beijing to talk about wine and intellectual property rights (IPR) in China. At that time, Bartman was investigating the scale of IPR infringements, including fake wines, in China and had started The Wine Protection Group in an effort to get major industry players to pool their resources. I also had numerous email exchanges with Bartman and compiled a Q&A that incorporated my queries and some briefing points he wrote. I sent some of that material to mainstream media journalists because I figured it was an interesting story, […]

China seal: Tasting Series 1980 from Dynasty uses Nomacorc closure

June 3, 2012 // 0 Comments

Jim Boyce The synthetic closure above was made by Nomacorc and used to stop a bottle of Tasting Series 1980 wine produced by Dynasty. The “1980” refers to the founding year of the company, not the vintage. I recently tried this wine with Nomacorc CEO Lars von Kantzow, Asia sales manager Mark Coleman and China commercial manager Angel Zhong over dinner. The wine was quite thin and, to me, typical of many of the mass produced options in the market. More importantly, it was clean. So was another wine that uses a Nomacorc closure, this one from Buehler Vineyards in […]