December 2010

Naughty list: ~30 China wineries closed for subpar, fake wine

December 25, 2010 // 2 Comments

Some 30 wineries in China’s northern Hebei province, which encircles Beijing, were closed after state-run CCTV claimed they were producing subpar and/or counterfeit products. From a story by Shanghai Daily: Hebei Province shut down nearly 30 wineries yesterday after wines made there were exposed on television as not only adulterated, but also falsely labeled. The local government acted after a state television program on Thursday evening showed that some wines made in the province’s Changli County contained just 20 percent fermented grape juice – the rest was sugar water mixed with chemicals, including coloring agents and flavorings. Changli County has nearly […]

Seven-year itch: DBR Lafite, Summergate end partnership; brand to join ASC

December 14, 2010 // 2 Comments

No foreign wine brand in China holds the cachet of Lafite. So it came as an eye-opener when I heard over the weekend that DBR Lafite would move from distributor Summergate, where it has been since I arrived in China six years ago, to competitor ASC. Today, I talked to Ian Ford, a founding partner of Summergate, about the end of the company’s relationship with DBR Lafite. First, part of an announcement he sent this morning (my highlights): Summergate Fine Wines has chosen an amicable ending of its seven-year exclusive relationship with Domaines Baron de Rothschild – Lafite (DBR) in […]