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”Love it’ or ‘hate it’: More results from Grape Wall Challenge 2010 in China

Some info about the 2010 Grape Wall Challenge held at Maison Boulud in Beijing last Thursday… The challenge included 40 wines, with 22 reds and 18 whites. Distributors could submit a maximum of two reds and two whites, with a maximum of two wines from one country. In the end, the challenge included wines from […]

Grape Wall Challenge II: Consumer picks for red, white wines under RMB100

The second annual Grape Wall Challenge, held on June 24 at Maison Boulud, saw the judges blind taste 18 white wines in the morning and 22 red wines in the afternoon. Each judge circled one of the following choices for each wine: “I love it“, “I like it“, “I don’t like it“, and “I hate […]

2010 Grape Wall Challenge: Results out Monday…

Update: We have the unofficial winners but the organizers need to meet to finalize / double-check the scores and because of work obligations were unable to do so today (Monday). Apologies all around. Results ASAP… The second annual Grape Wall Challenge, held yesterday at Maison Boulud in Beijing, saw Chinese wine consumers and a handful […]

Thirteen distributors, 39 wines in Grape Wall Challenge II

Thirteen distributors have submitted wines for the second annual Grape Wall Challenge, to be held today, June 24, at Maison Boulud in Beijing. They range from the biggest importers to the smaller players, from those bringing in wines from multiple countries to those focusing on a single nation. They distributors are: ASC Aussino CMP (Chateau Medoc […]

Grape Wall Challenge 2010: Call for wine

Call for Wine The Grape Wall Challenge 2010 June 24, Maison Boulud, Beijing ~ The second Grape Wall Challenge will be held at Maison Boulud in Beijing on June 24. As with the first GWC challenge, the aim is to find wines that offer reasonable quality at modest prices as determined by a panel of […]

The Grape Wall Challenge 2010: June 24 at Maison Boulud

The Grape Wall Challenge 2010 June 24, Maison Boulud, Beijing Last year, over a dozen Chinese wine consumers and experts participated in the Grape Wall Challenge by blind tasting more than 40 red and white wines that retail for less than RMB100 (see here for the top reds and here for the top whites). This […]

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