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T time: Chateau Lafite vs Chateau Lafitte in China

- By Jim Boyce Chateau Lafite is insanely popular in China and consumers here should be careful to avoid not only fake bottles, but also mistakenly buying Chateau Lafitte, a separate operation that includes a double-t in its name. Let me be clear: I am not saying there is anything wrong with Chateau Laffite as […]

Contrefacons et vols de vins en Chine

A translation by Nicolas Carre of the post “Fakers, robbers, and wine in China” by Jim Boyce that originally appeared here in English. – “Des bruits de couloir disent qu’il y a plus de Chateau Lafite 1982 en Chine qu’il n’en a été produit cette année la en France.” – “Wall Street Journal” – J’ai […]

Grape Press: Morocco-China wine links, 7-ELEVEN wine, ICCCW in Singapore

By Jim Boyce Some China-related wine stuff from the Web… – Morocco-China wine connection The BBC reports on Moroccan wine industry ambitions, which includes some mentions of China: Mehdi Bouchaara, a member of ASPRAM [the Moroccan wine-growers association]… says that Morocco is currently producing 300,000 hectolitres of wine each year, making it one of the […]

Barossa wines, Beijing, and bare ass: Torbreck wine dinner with Dave Powell

By Jim Boyce Rare are those times when a wine maker drops his pants at a tasting  – I would guess it is on par with the frequency of an eclipse, which is an apt comparison given you would not want to stare directly if the sun were being blocked by the  “moon” displayed by […]

Value vino: Some of Beijing’s best wine buys under RMB100

Note: The following post recently appeared in Agenda magazine in Beijing (see online version here). By Jim Boyce Beijing stores shelves are lined with hundreds of imported wines that retail for less than RMB100 [USD16 / 10 Euros]. Choice is certainly not a problem, although deciding which wines are best is not always easy. This […]

Rough and tumble in China: The New Yorker profiles ASC Fine Wines’ Don St. Pierre, Sr.

By Jim Boyce The New Yorker just published a lengthy article by Evan Osnos about ASC Fine Wines founder Don St. Pierre, Sr and his son Don St. Pierre, Jr. In it, St. Pierre, Sr comes off as a profanity-uttering, rough-and-tumble, take-no-prisoners businessman. Based on my experience, much of the language is vintage St. Pierre […]

Grape Press: Fakers, robbers, and wine in China

- People in the wine business here say there is more ’82 Lafite in China than was ever produced that year in France. – Wall Street Journal – By Jim Boyce One reason I recently posted an exchange with Benjamin Wallace, author of Billionaire’s Vinegar, is because of the massive – and growing – amount […]

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