June 2008

Tasting time: Beijing

June 26, 2008 // 0 Comments

Upcoming Beijing wine-related events Thursday, June 26, LAN, 7 PM, RMB280 Lafite wine from France, Chile, Argentina; RSVP with Jennifer Zhang at 6562-1800, x102 / jennifer.zhang@summergate.com. Thursday, June 26, 7-8:30 PM, Bentos & Berries (Kerry Centre), free South African wine tasting, with 8 wines, 4 estates, by Top Cellar; RSVP: 13521-434-994, marketing@topcellar.com.cn or here. Friday, June 27, 7-9 PM, Cellar Le Pinot, RMB50 Rose wine tasting, with wine from 5 countries; to RSVP or for info, contact Joy Zhou at zhoumeixing@lepinot.com. Friday, June 27, 6:30 PM, Sequoia Cafe (Guanghua Lu), RMB100 Merlot tasting, with 5 wines from 4 countries; RSVP […]

Wine word – Penfolds Chief Wine Maker Peter Gago

June 25, 2008 // 3 Comments

By Jim Boyce As well as launching a new bottle sticker for Penfolds wines on May 22, chief wine maker Peter Gago sat down for lunch and an afternoon talk organized by ASC for about a dozen people in Beijing. Here are seven topics on which he touched: Chinese wines: “I have tasted wines from Grace and the odd vineyard here and there. This is a huge country with a huge range of micro-climates and a huge range of soils,” he says. “[The key is to] go slowly, start small and grow big, experiment, and use a little bit of […]

Save your fen: Dinners with Daniel Boulud, Robert Joseph, Pascal Barbot, and more

June 23, 2008 // 0 Comments

By Jim Boyce Look under the bed, search the wardrobe and dig behind the sofa cushions because you might need every fen you have for these upcoming dinners in Beijing. June 28 (RMB4888) Maison Boulod in The Legation Quarter will mark its grand opening with an Haut-Brion wine dinner by ASC. Guests will include winery owner Prince Robert of Luxembourg, GM and winemaker Jean-Philippe Delmas, and chef and restaurateur Daniel Boulud. To RSVP, contact Helen Lu at helenlu@asc-wines.com / 6587-3803. July 12 (RMB1888) China World Hotel’s Aria will hold a wine dinner with wine critic Robert Joseph, whose trip to […]

Tasting time: Beijing

June 19, 2008 // 0 Comments

By Jim Boyce Upcoming Beijing wine-related events Thursday, June 19, 7-10:30 PM, Grand Hyatt Beijing, inquire re price Chateau Margaux dinner, with owner Corinne Mentzelopoulos; 5 wines, limited to 15 seats; by Aussino World Wines; Info / RSVP with Sophia Wang at 6461-2072, x128. Thursday, June 19, 7:30 PM, Bookworm, RMB180 Australia wine tasting, with 6 wines, by The Wine Republic; RSVP with Jenny at bookwormjenny@gmail.com / 6586-9507. Friday, June 20, 7 PM, Les Millesimes (Jianwai Soho), RMB198 Cheese and wine tastings, with 20 cheeses, 2 wines; by Les Millesimes Wine Club; RSVP with Cyril at 13601-018-093 (French speakers) or […]

Translation: Latour lunch – 拉图午餐会:酒庄总经理弗雷德里克•恩杰尔

June 19, 2008 // 2 Comments

By Ma Huiqin This is a translation of a post originally in English – Latour lunch: Chateau GM Frederic Engerer. 4月26日我与六位中国葡萄酒作家一起同拉图酒庄的总经理弗雷德里克•恩杰尔共进了午餐。本次活动是由ASC精品葡萄酒公司在北京的凯悦饭店中国餐厅组织的。本次活动我们品尝了拉图酒庄1995和2001年份的酒,搭配包括北京烤鸭在内的中国菜,交流拉图酒庄的有关情况以及中国葡萄酒产业的宏观途径。我问了他三件事。 您品尝过中国葡萄酒吗? 他说:很遗憾,还没有尝试过。 您如何看待中国对波尔多葡萄酒市场的影响不断增加? 他说一些像中国这样的一些国家正在改变着拉图酒庄消费者的构成:“这将是一群不同的消费者。” “我们没法对我们的葡萄酒价钱大涨三倍负责任。”他补充说到,“这件事超出了我们的掌控范围。我们的目标就是每年提供最好的葡萄酒。” 您对螺旋盖的看法以及拉图酒庄是否试验过螺旋盖? 他对螺旋盖反应强烈。他提到螺旋盖时用了“人造的(artificial)”一词,而且质疑用上螺旋盖好酒其陈年的结果究竟如何。 “如果你酿的酒是为了在出厂后18个月之内就被喝掉的产品,螺旋盖相当不错。”他说,但是用软木塞更有利于贮存。“这不是传统与现代之间的较量。人们都理解我们的葡萄酒是可以存放50年的。” 他没有为拉图酒庄是否曾经尝试过使用螺旋盖提供线索。 他说“我们的目标是使用更好的软木塞。一旦使用了螺旋盖,葡萄酒就变成另一种东西了。别人管它叫葡萄酒,但我们不这样认为。”,并显示出了他对螺旋塞鼓吹者的不快。 他指着我们喝的葡萄酒问:“你们愿意让这些葡萄酒接触到人造材料吗?” 当被问到玻璃密封塞的时候,他说拉图酒庄在2000年份的葡萄酒上使用过一些,并将在2010年对这些酒进行品尝。他补充说拉图酒庄曾经使用过玻璃密封塞的年份分别是:十九世纪二十年代、十九世纪三十年代和十九世纪四十年代。 说到菜肴与葡萄酒的搭配,前面的几道菜都太辣了,特别是那些起源于中国西南部的菜肴,因此后面的菜我们就减少了辣的因素,北京烤鸭算是个尚可的搭配。和一位波尔多的重量级人物进行交流,同时尝试食物与葡萄酒的新搭配更增加了乐趣。 注:我们当天品尝葡萄酒分别为:Les Forts de Latour, Pauillac, 2001; Chateau Latour Grand Cru Classe, Pauillac, 2001; and Chateau Latour Grand Cru Classe, Pauillac, 1995. (赵丹、刘茜译,马会勤审校)

Pandas and koalas: Will a Chinese firm snap up a Foster’s winery?

June 18, 2008 // 0 Comments

By Jim Boyce Chinese winery Great Wall buys Australian producer Penfolds. It creates South Wall Shiraz to sell alongside globe-trotting Penfolds brand Grange. The label features pandas and koalas hugging. That was this year’s April fool’s joke on the blog (kudos to reader PA). But this scenario, at least the part about a Chinese firm buying an Australian-owned winery, goes from the “kidding around” to the “remotely possible” file following the resignation of Trevor O’Hoy as Foster’s CEO. States The Australian, Foster’s Chairman David Crawford “said he would head a review of the wine division that could result in assets […]

Tag team: Penfolds, ASC launch bottle sticker

June 18, 2008 // 1 Comment

By Jim Boyce Peter Gago, chief wine maker at Penfolds, visited Beijing on May 22 and introduced an “officially imported” sticker to be used on the winery’s bottles in China. He spoke to a dozen people at the office of ASC Fine Wines, which has had an exclusive importing and distributing deal with Penfolds since 2004, and said the sticker will let consumers know that the bottles were “sent, shipped, cellared, and delivered properly.” “You don’t want to drink wine that’s done 18 circumferences of the world,” he said. “We all know about fraud, about counterfeiting, about parallel imports, so […]

Burgundy in Beijing: The Louis Latour wine dinner

June 16, 2008 // 0 Comments

By Jim Boyce I had neither eaten at the Whampoa Club in Beijing nor drunk the wines of Louis Latour, so when Pernod Ricard invited me to try both at a “launch” dinner on May 31, I jumped at the chance. I put some mileage on my legs finding the club and, once inside, some strain on my eyes trying to spot a familiar face in the courtyard. I finally walked over to a stranger who stood alone. “Is this where the Latour dinner is being held?” I asked. “I hope so,” he replied. “I’m Latour.“ That was fortuitous and […]

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