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Starting up: Three challenges of a joint venture winery in China

- By Alain Leroux I came to China in 1996 to head the technical side of the joint venture between Bernard Taillan France and Beijing’s Sanyang Group. We have faced many challenges over the past 12 years. Here are three of the biggest in the beginning. The first challenge was human resources. Initially, we built […]

Grape Press: Chinese company buys Bordeaux winery

- By Jim Boyce According to AFP, it appears Longhai International Trading Company is the first Chinese firm to purchase a Bordeaux winery. The deal, announced Tuesday, to buy the 60-hectare chateau for an undisclosed sum, which was signed January 24, looks to be the first ever French wine estate purchase by Chinese buyers. “It […]

The Time Out China Wine Guide: Typical aromas, light body, poor finish

- By Jim Boyce If the recent China Wine Guide by Time Out magazine were a glass of vino, I would describe it as exhibiting typical aromas, possessing a light body, and leaving a bad taste. I found a copy of the 100-page guide in this month’s issue of Beijing Time Out, available for free […]

The Beijing Wine Club awards – bottled in Shanghai

- By Jim Boyce The Beijing Wine Club end of the year anniversary party featured a sampling of six wines and some fellowship. Sadly, it also included a wine awards ceremony that seemed as relevant to the club as a corkscrew is to a screw-cap bottle. The club’s awards were based on the results of […]

Dead Grapes Society, ‘top grade’ wine club, Is China the new Chile?

- By Jim Boyce The Daily Telegraph asks, “Is China the new Chile when it comes to wine?” This an interesting query, particularly since some “Chinese” wines include imported bulk juice, with Chile as a key source. Could it end up that Chile is the new Chile? Anyway, the writer visited Château Changyu with an […]

On the margin: Why that bottle of wine costs RMB400

By Campbell Thompson Let’s say you dine in a five-star hotel in China, decide to order a bottle of wine, and spot one on the menu for RMB 400. How did the wine get listed at that price? There are three key factors at work. First, the combined import duty, value-added tax and consumption tax […]

Wines-info: 1,000 cases of imported wine destroyed

- By Jim Boyce A recent post on China Wine Information Website states that authorities in Yunnan have destroyed 12,000 bottles of imported red wine: They [the bottles] were considered to be unqualified because of their unqualified packing (leaking, moldy corks) which didn’t accord with the related standard of wine. Unfortunately, there is no information […]

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