Excellence in the Garden of Delights

July 27, 2007 0

It seems China World Hotel’s Aria isn’t the only local establishment being recognized by Wine Spectator. Wangfujing-based Garden of Delights – which has one of

Winery tour: Taillan in photos

July 21, 2007 0

Pictures, pictures, pictures – that’s my friend Kraft-D’s advice for this blog. Last night, I dug up a few dozen from a November 2005 trip

A taste of Australia

July 21, 2007 0

I popped over to The Wine Cellar (Henderson Center, 3F) and met Garry Anderson, who is with both Auswine Alliance and Beijing GLP, which are

Interview: “The Frank”

July 18, 2007 1

Some know him for opening one of Beijing’s first non-hotel bars – the creatively named Frank’s Place (1990). Some know him for his later establishment

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